College Dropout


Tatted all on my chest, lavender in my scents
Always throw in some lemongrass, got faux fur on my bed
Got a 50-inch on the wall, got a studio down the hall
Got a love sofa in the corner, in case you want to fuck around and get weird
Got window seats with the sheers, got a living room with the views
And I dropped cable, turned to cord cutting, got some fiber speed in this bitch
Like 26 with no kids, like 26 with no bitch
My ma, step-dad, and Marcus Ryan all got keys to my crib

And I haven't worn a shirt in like days, JR Smith, swish
I don't fuck with no J's
I don't fuck with no jeans
I don't fuck with no games
I don't fuck with no streams
I don't follow no trends
And I don't understand the hype behind Fortnite, put two weeks into this
I don't care about y'all, I don't care about y'all
Look, it's fuck your mom
And, it's fuck your dad
And, it's fuck your kids
And, it's fuck your job
And, it's fuck your bitch
And, it's fuck your guy
I just want to make it clear to all of y'all that your feelings can suck my dick

I've been in chill mode, chill mode
I ain't been talking to no one, I been in my chill mode
All of my peers have been talking 'bout things, like they real though
When none of 'em even got lives, and that's on the real though
Shut off your phone, shut off your phone
Get off the couch, get out the house
You ain't got shit to say, you ain't got shit to say
You ain't got shit to say, why you always gotta say shit?

A lot of debt for a dropout (a whole lot)
A bad rep with the cops, 'cause I don't follow laws
Dropped a song a week last year, a few months and then I quit (I quit)
I was waking up at five, for some dude to watch me piss
'Cause I got caught up with drugs, I ain't bragging, that shit sucked
I'm just saying, I still dropped, even with my full time job
So when I login into Twitter, and everybody want to bitch
I can't help but think like, "Dog, y'all can hashtag suck my dick" (And I)
I ain't been one for the phases, just try things on occasion
Little bit of drink, with the weed, little molly, never xans, taking bumps off of credit cards
Where every single girl is a matador
That work them nights, Diablo
That push more weight than Pablo
That cause I spit, they swallow
Bad times, good times, ain't no point in keeping track nowadays, ain't we
Really good at finding ways to make it
Really good at making blanket statements
Really bad at picking up the calls
Really good at never calling back
Really good at knocking on the door
Always end up walking through it last
Told myself this shit is gonna pass, and no one here deserve a fucking pass
Talking to yourselves became a trend, and I still always end up getting tagged
I don't give a fuck about this rap, every song I listen to is trash
Tired of all these ‘work with’ tweets about, features I don’t give a fuck about
I been on the mother-fucking cusp, y’all on everybody else’s nuts
Y'all be so concerned about some buzz, you come across as insecure as Russ
Wrote, you rapped, you sang, you made the beat, that's probably why your shit all sound the same
Used to listen when you used to speak, but now it's like the fuck he got to say?
Me I shouldn't even get involved, all you bitches do is have debates
Y'all be so impressive with your words, when you ain't looking someone in the face
Wonder what it's like to have the time, and let that shit all go to fucking waste
Always doing things you shouldn't try, and never doing anything you say

Reminder I'm alive
I know I've been gone
Gone for a while
Trust I'm alive
I'm still alive, I'm still alive
College dropout, college dropout
Just a college dropout, college dropout
I'm still alive, bitch I'm still alive
Bitch I'm still alive, I'm so alive, I'm still alive
I know your impatient, please be patient
That's all I'm sayin', that's all I'm sayin'
Bitch I'm still alive
Trust me when I'm gone, I'm never really gone
Bitch I'm still alive
I'm stayin'

Bitch I'm so alive
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