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Do I Have To Cry For U?

D' Intense

Im all alone without you
Maybe in one tear i can show you
My love remains the same
Not ine bit has changed
Everytime i think in what we could have
If everybody can see why cant you???


Do i have to cry for you??
To prove you that i really love you?
Or i just have to hide
And not be showed again
Do i have to cry for you??
Is it gonna make a differençe??
Do i have to cry for you?
Do i have to cry for you??

Can not know..
How the world keeps spinning
Without you by my side
Why did i lie???
Can you forgive???
Cuz hours tourned into days since you went away
I really need you


Got adictted to your smille
To the way you dance
Your eyes
The way you talk and walk
Then how can i live without you???????????
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