Tatted Up


aaah mmm
fabo tat tat tat tat tat tat tatted up
tat tat tatted up
tat tat tatted up

is that ya thong showin or ya tatooed on ya back is that all she choosin or she tatted is she tat tatooed on she chest tatooed on her ass tatoo of a thong sorta like a pussy cat tat tat tatted up atl tatted up tat tat tatted up miam tatted up tat tat she tatted up tat tat he tatted up tat tat we tatted up everybody tatted up

look look look look look at what two eyes did been on yo back and between yo legs lookin like some ice cream meltin to da flo juke it back and drop it low grl i know dis sound strange but i done seen that tat be fo' cherries on yo waist til' i get a taste hello kitty tatooed on ya titty grl u sexy but u ain't dat pretty luv tats so i rep my city atl tatooed on my arm got my niece niggas best get calm angel wings tatooed on her back got a couple flags comin out yo crack!

i know dat all da grls luv to show dey body pictures so realistic jump out and getcha she show em' on da block dancin show em' in da club even got her boyfriend name say nigga and a home grl dis is a deeper spot her mama taught her well da bigger da better original ms peaches give em' hell she got a small tatoo on her waist line and she got a lot a loyalty cuz she try to take mine!

tat tat tatted up new york tatted up tat tat tatted up california tatted up tat tat tatted up houston she tatted up tat tat tatted up chi town tatted up

oh no its somethin i neva seen be fo' little roll tatooed on her belly all da way down til it hit da flo shes a princess at least its cursive on her neck but now my own clique gettin tats stacks on deck i done seen alot but i aint seen em all if its somethin new grl give me a call especially if its in yo draws freaky grl let me see yo paws i follow emup if u let me cut butterflies on the side of ya butt freak by nature u like it rough a freak by nature u like it rough!

dominican tatted up jamacian tetted up puerto rican tatted up mexican tatted up white folk tatted up black folk tated up atl tatted up evry body tatted up!
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