Ceridwen and Taliesin

Damh the Bard

Silver moonlight dances
From the mist of Tegid's shore
A lady looks upon her son
Like many times before
A she touches his face
Fingers wet with the tears falling
Her daughter stands beside her
The fairest in the land
How her son became so cursed
She cannot understand
But this mother's love is a strong
As her heart is beating
And she calls to the Earth
And the Earth hears her calling

High up in the mountains
Dinas Afferaon stands tall
All magic and all mysteries
Are held within these walls
So she walks to the door
As she does the door it opens
Teach to me the mystery
Of the Cauldron's Brew
Let Utter Darkness give way to light
And be reborn anew
Then the Awen will shine
From the brow of the Eagle of the Sea
And all will know his name
From this land to the People of the Sidhe

The lady sets the cauldron's fire
Tended by the hand
Of Gwion Bach the innocent
And Morda the blind man
Who reached out his hand
Place more wood
Keep the cauldron boiling
Then Morda he fell asleep
Alas he din't see
Wood upon wood was added
The inferno was the key
To unlock the doors
Of the Awen's greatest mystery
Three drops, burning skin
And it's Gwion how gained the power to see

The cauldron cracks, the poison seeps
Slowly across the land
To kill the horses of Garanhir
by the lakeshore where they stand
Drinking and not knowing their fate
As a hare runs fast across the land
Ceridwen, Ceridwen
Lady of the Cauldron
Come see what they have done
Stolen your Cauldron's power
And betrayed your only so
Eyes wide, lips curl
Anger on your face
Change your shape now lady
Be the hound, begin the chase

I shall be a running hair
With sorrow and with mickle care
Then I shall be a greyhound bitch
And tear you from your skin
Then I shall be a flying wren
The King of Birds, the King of Men
Then I shall be a falcon grey
And tear you from your skin
Then I shall be a salmon sleek
Darting through a shallow creek
Then I shall be an otter bitch
And rest you from your skin
I shall be a grain beneath the sun
And you will never know which one
Then I shall be a great black hen
And take you deep within

Now you may be forgiven to think
My tale is over and down
But nine moons later
She gave birth to a son
That she wanted to kill
But she placed in a coracle on the sea
Garanhir's salmon weir
A catch was guaranteed
But on this day a baby boy
Cried out to be freed
A radiant brow
Shining bright for all to plainly see
Taliesin is your name
The greatest Bard that this land will ever see
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