Energy Rush



The rooms in a hush, i dont have to think much
I could feel my blood rush, when the mic and my hand touch


Thats when i start to cuss, the words come out in a sudden rush
Like bees that sting cuz they must
If they wanna survive, after they sting they die
I come out of my beehive, even if im high, ill still write
In the heavyweight division not light
Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee, fuck your ass up like mahomed ali
Rhymes a plenty, never be empty
I continue the low blows like mahomeds kos
I always stay hot on my toes
No time for hoes, more lyrics for youz,
For me more booze, i write cuz i choose
Nothing to loose, some to gain dont care about the fame
But i wanna entertain, simple and plain
Its blood to my brain, making your ears ring
No time to sing, stick to rapping
You could ask what happen, polish white boy who likes rapping
But doesnt care about the cars or the bling, bling
Justwants to win and have hip hop pinned
Like a wrestler in a wrestling ring
Trys to make you think, trys to fiddle with the idea of rhyme and riddle
Like a skittle the idea is little
Makes your body wiggle
Makes you sometimes giggle
Respect all types of people
My messages arent sublime, my eyes are color blind
I just let my mind unwind, go a little at a time
Is it my time to shine or maybe im just blind
This is were i sigh and stck up the sign that says
Rewind!, rewind!, rewind!

(chorus x2)
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