God Must Be A Cowboy

Dan Seals

A campfire, some coffee
From a tin cup in my hand
Sure warms the fingers when it's cold ...
aplayin' an old guitar
A friend I understand
Sure smoothes the wrinkles in my soul ...

Asleepin' in the moonlight
A blanket for my bed
Leaves a peaceful feelin' in my mind ...
Wakin' up in the mornin'
With an eagle overhead
Makes me want to fly away before my time

And I think God must be a cowboy at heart
He made wide open spaces from the start ...
He made grass and trees and mountains
And a horse to be a friend
And trails to lead old cowboys home a-gain ...

Night life and big cities
Is alright for awhile
Sure makes you feel good when you're there ...
But the country's so pretty
It goes on and on for miles takes away my troubles and my cares ...


And trails to lead old cowboys home again.
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