Danny Tenaglia

Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to the tunnel
I'm your DJ
And I'm gonna take you on a tour of a twelve-inch
Yes, a twelve-inch
We're gonna start here with the kick and the bass
You like the bass?
It's filtered…uhmm
This is the basic foundation of a track
We're gonna build things up slowly
Are you with me?
Here we go, yeah

There are many elements of a track
Sometimes it's few, sometimes it's many
I like it all
Many of the people on the dance floor
Also like their elements
Yeah, you know what I'm talking about
Yeah, elements
You just get into your own little space
And lose it, lose it, lose it
You have to let go
You have to let go
And lose it

Close your eyes
Use your mind
Get ready to explode
Feel the drums
Now I want you to throw your hands in the air
Throw your hands up in the air
Lose control
Lose complete control
I want everyone on the floor
I want everyone on the floor, now
Find your spot, claim it, it's yours
Close your eyes and listen to the sounds

I think I see my Loola
Are you there Loola?
Yes, there she is
She's right in front of the speaker
I want everybody to feel what I feel
Can you feel what I feel?
I know you feel it
On the floor
In the lounge
At the bar
In the hall
In the bathroom
In the basement
In the coat check
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