Daphne & Celeste

Heading up to the track, sky the blackest of blue
Left my last power pack in suburban drive-thru
Visibility's down to the length of arms
When the third star appears gonna sound alarms

Looking up, comets seem to synchronise
Rise above, sister fate will organise
Bring me back alive, creature of the darkest night
Never let me go, destiny my guiding light

Possibility splits like an apple in two
May the future you choose be the best for you
Something's changed, let's pretend it's still the same
Are we now trapped in a computer game?

Bring me back alive, creature of the highest height
Neverending show, symphony in black and white
Have I ever been lost as much as in your eyes?
Circumstance of life, ever-unfolding surprise

Bring me back alive, if alive is what we are
Further shall we go, follow the exploding star
Missed the finish line, temporary loss of sight
Sisters in the sky, on a neverending flight
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