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Oculars Infernum

Dark Celebration

Now i cross the borders of dreams
Black wings adorn my backs
The infinite darkness conforts me
And rest in the arms of death

Let me prove now the vortez of fire
Infinite spiral of violence
Rebaptizes my soul in blasphemy
And purifies my body in flames

The dark veil
Makes me stronger
My last sentence
Separates me from the flesh

My last sigh
Revives the embers
In a bonfire of hate
In my being´s profundities

I take my place between the thunder and the serpent
I fell the sparkle of metal attacking my face
The apocalypse was born again
And of the four horsemen i am the plague

And when the sun rises from the darkness
A desert black as night
Will be made home of a thousand bodies
The passage to the seven circles of hell
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