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Dark Forest

Fear is not something to feel right now
as you depart now from this sphere
the power of the stone has long taken your mind
to places not down here
do not fear Thurisaz
it protects, it shields our faith
from those who do not deserve
now I will share a vision of mine
deep in my mind I was released

I close my eyes and connect with the skies
now a high far place from here
alone in still time I can speak to the ones
who have come and gone before
and I now see that it is not the time down below
that is all one should take in
remember there is more than those few blinks down there just as I have seen, you will receive this freedom eternal

remember your past those times long ago
ones will remember you by these
they will echo through time for eternity
do you understand what I see
do not fear Thurisaz
it protects, it shields our faith
from the start until the end
that stone of power you grasp in your hand
it connects you with the son of One-Eyed God

God of Thunder, the songs of skies
I hail you to no end
before I return to that place down below
receive me by your hand
by your hammer, Mjolnir
send us songs of thunder
to remind us your presence
and down from the ground I will look to the sky
and await the time and life, the freedom eternal
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