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Promise Ain't Enough

Daryl Hall & John Oates

Don't wanna open your heart?
You're afraid from the start
That a new love's gonna let you down
There is something you should know
Before you give up and go
I don't believe in the run around
I just want to define myself
And show you how l feel

If a promise ain't enough
Then a touch says everything
Got to hold you in my arms
Till you feel what I mean
Know that my heart just tells me what to say
But words can only prove so much
If a promise ain't enough
Hold onto my love

Though my words can't describe
How I'm feeling all inside
Does my touch say anything to you
I'm not afraid to take time
'Cause I know you'll find
That l'm real and my touch is true
It's taken a lifetime to find my heart
And I give it all to you


It took a lifetime to find what I want
I won't let it get away

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