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Blood Of Cain

Das Reich

Beyond the time you saw men falling in disgrace
Your father renegade is the shadow on your face
All the way is dark an you will walk alone
The dark and cold, the suffer will make you stronger

Blood of cain
God of pain

Strange hunger is profusion of passion and hate
Big herd of human being nothing has more taste
Men's hunters falling in your neck with silver blades
Your live vanishing in the hand of gods

Blood of cain
God of pain

You are close now
Side by side with my soul
You are close now feeling my heart
My dead heart the ashes of your past

Out of this world you will never find peace
Out of this pain you will never have your pray
Nowhere to run no place will be safe to stay
Ripping your humanity off is the only way

Blood of cain
God of pain

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