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The Blind Shepherd And His Deaf Sheeps

Das Reich

The abyss of the world is calling
Void of shame
You are falling
Only say - what can you say?
We are in the middle of the night
Are you searching for the light?
The deeply sleep doesn't go away
No matter what you want
How much they can take!
Confused languages, good and evil
Here's the sign that i give you
It´s the sign of might state
You need the power of the word
So you can use it like a sword
The mud of men can't rise again
Just instinct - no brains
Passive fools - insane
All the sins will flame
To torture again
You ask and probe
Searching into the smoke
And at the end
Just a dust's hand
Is this an answer? is this a blessing?
What can you feel in front of sorrow?
I have the past coming, smashing changes
I contain my fury inside, my innocence
Don't sing the song of idolatry,
Don't put your fate in fantasies
Just see the men with opened eyes
So keep the power of the word
You can use it like a sword
Really it's a simpton of the will of death!
Fly me to the moon
And let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On jupiter and mars
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