Forro In The Dark (Asa Branca)

David Byrne

When I heard the earth was burning
Like the fires of São joão
I asked God up there in His heaven
What is happening to us?

The fire of hell one, what is an oven
Not a tree was left alive
And all my cattle, dying there
Even my horse, my dear, did not survive

And the winged white dove flew now
Away from this burnt land
And so I say now, goodbye Rosinha
I know that in my heart, I will be back again

Now I live in this big city
Such a long, long way away
But when I hear the rain is falling
Back to my house I'm going back one day

And the earth will one day bloom
Like the green that is in your eyes
And I assure you, my dear Rosinha
I'll be back here, by your side
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