God's Promises/ Rainbows In The Night

David Meece

Deep within this darkened heart of mine
The Word of God still shines with hipe
Deep within this frightened life I live
A voice so soft and still grows

And when the sun is hidden and
the shadows cloud my starless skies
Amazingly I turn and see a light

God's promises
Are rainbows in the night
Shining hope inside
When shadows cloud my eyes
His promises
Are rainbows in the night
Guiding through the darkest times
God's promises are rainbows in the light

Looking back on all the roads I've known
The echoes of the songs I've sung
Looking back, there's a thread of love and grace
Connecting each line and space I've known

And all the years I thought were lost on empty
Searching without clues
Now trace a journey to the highest truth

(Repeat chorus 2x)
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