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Glad You're Here With Me

David Pajo

Maybe you'd be better off with another man
For there's a weight that must be relieved
I dread the thought of losing you but i would understand
Until that day i'm glad you're here with me
I have friends that may be better for you
Friends that have not the fears of i
It pains me just to think of you leaving
I don't ever want to say goodbye
Lover these powders are compelling
I don't claim that it's the way to be
If i am fucking up there ain't no telling
I'm just glad that you are here with me
This morning they killed the candymaker
Three shots to his head from a forty five
I don't want to end up in the paper
Or kill a man just to watch him die
I don't mean to judge the man that murders
I don't care to un-sympathize
I am neither victim nor killer
I see myself in both of their eyes
But what drives a man to kill another
And leave his body in the dirt to bleed
Ain't he also my brother
Ain't you happy you are here with me
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