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The Transylvanian Mountainside Aria

De Profvndis Clamati

The last drops of the pouring rain
My soul flood drenched
Descending, the loss pierced deep
Strings echoing from afar
The aria of the dreams of mine
As time flew by, it left me apart
And love a distant shore

Spring turns into autumn
Severed... increasing void
As distance covers you from me
A gap filled with ashes
Wishes in the snow
Darkness unfolds the end

By the mountainside, along with the swans
All the poetry is free
The crystal frozen lake
And the sky’s greedly devouring it
Sentiment of silence and distance
Ancient black forms adorn the brood
Of the gentle fall once called life

The final distance is calling me
Heavenly voices whispering my name
As lifeless my thoughts flow by
All the pain belongs to the past
From another place my soul is awaken
And I hear the tragic pipe organ
as the closure for the tears like in a tale

The glow I kept inside
Never to fade away
An eternal souvenier to find you

"The heart of every man
The empty grave of the hopeless
Once the end and here now and then
A memory intoxicates, the scent
Transcending love remains
Lonely place, lost eyes
Once redemption, a mere glimpse
While screaming in despair"

The mountainside left behind
A star makes my heavy heart light
To realize now what a dream is
When plunged into the fantasy realm of dreams
She dances inside of you
Every move you hold dear

Lost within death
Curtains closed down
Ahead, you ride in magic
Twisted and lashed you fell apart

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