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Death And Rebirth

Dead to fall

In our most painful moments
Lost in the cloak of night
Burned, broken, tired, hopeless
No future is in sight
Where are we even going
And who among you cares?
With no real purpose showing
A cycle of despair
A never ending threat
A constant pushing force
My match is finally met
Let this thing take its course
New blood flows in our veins
Power moves quickly now
None of us will be the same
Giving up we won't allow
Our last sun has set
As we approach our fate
With one last option left
To destroy and recreate
We are the new generation
With purpose, conviction, and dedication
Counting past the final hour
In Flame we've been reborn
A pure stronger power
A new oath we have sworn
These nights mean too much to just let them go
Putting on the final touch
Our true colors show
We are the new generation
With Purpose, conviction, and dedication
On the Phoenix Throne
Death and rebirth
Nothing as far as the eye can see
A straight, clear path moving
Towards our destiny
And now we rise
We rise on the wings of flame
Nothing holding us down
As we rise on wings of flame
Momentum pushing forward
As we rise on wings of flame
We are fireborn
As we rise on wings of flame
We are the Phoenix
As we rise on wings of flame
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