Soon Cometh The Day


All the years of my life
I've been knocked and kicked around
Struggling to reach towards better days
For so long I was lost but now I'm found
I thought I had it right for so long
And I thought I had it all
But little bit did I know
All my self made cities were about to fall
I was goin along with the flow
I know wasn't right, right, right, right
I got put inmy place because
Soon will come the day when we
Fight, fight, fight, fight
How much longer would I fall for deceitfull
Lies, lies, lies, lies
Soon will come the day
When we all have to fight

So now the rest of my life
Won't be knocked down or kicked around
Now I'm reaching out towards brighter days
Gonna step aside and let the grace abound
I had my council made up in my head
And I had it all figured out
But just in time to see y meeting ajourned
Saw my plans were packin and moving out

Soon will cometh the day
When all the pain is washed away
Soon is gonna come the day
When all false beauty is washed away
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