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The Moth

Death Angel

Surprise! I'm back again
Splinter under your skin
The one that makes you bleed forever

Been down a hundred times
Yet like the new sunrise
I shall return and we can burn together

Take my heart, take my soul
Spin my life out of control
Break this bread, drink this wine
Everything will be just fine

It's only now begun
This war is far from won
The innocent will not be spared the horror

Been killed a thousand times
My corpse was drawing flies
Until the resurrection of disorder

Crush my heart, crush my soul
Twist my life out of control
Sign in blood on the dotted line
Everything will be just fine

I am the thorn in your side
You are the evil divide
Drawn to the flame we die
We die together

I am the spit in your eye
You are the God I defy
Drawn to the flame we live
We live forever

So here we are again
The rise and fall within
Splitting hairs over words unspoken

Like an unanswered prayer
This withered skin I wear
Will soon be shed as I emerge unbroken

Burn my heart, burn my soul
Throw my life out of control
All for this, I sacrifice
Everybody's got their vice

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