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Decrepit Birth

Eternally connected to the energies of existence
Subconscious link of consciousness
The golden light that makes us all one soul

One thought
One beginning
One center of focus
Pasts, present, futures

Existing in the moment
Sequences of existence inner-twine
Feel my light touch thee
The dreams of life awaken inside
Transcend the lies

Live for your dream
Open your mind and see
One soul, one thought, one mind

Evolution of understanding
Attain the wisdoms
Knowledge eternal
I reach out and touch your mind

I reveal the secrets before your eyes
Look into my eyes and you see yourself
I look into you and I see god
We hold the keys to the wisdoms

To the secrets and mysteries within
Witness the light of the new worlds
Evolution of consciousness
Converging the ancient forces

Behold the thought universal
Eternal unity of energies...
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