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...and Time Begins

Decrepit Birth

The eye is opening
Jupiter hangs - suspended like a tear
Shed upon the face of the times before us
Visions manifest right before my very eyes
I see thoughts
My inspirations empower one another
Bridging matter and spirit
The art of temperance - to bring about change
Before the sacred keys - are gone from us forever
I see beyond the black and silver sphere
About to complete it's cycle
Pieces-thousands upon thousands come together
I reflect upon the images, the symbols and their meaning
Retrograde - times to come - twilight - the passing of time, begins
Slowly forming ...structure
Finding warmth within it's darkness
I stare upon the moon - which has dilated in full
It's cycle again complete,
The message is shinning through transparent clouds
It's eprivesence highlights a halo of blood,
A warm wind blows
I prophesize - a will not mine
A curse from which mankind will never rise
I've come to understand -
The visions that are placed upon me
A perception of thought beyond the infinite
The vision i see torments me.
A testament of the age, man will witness creation change
Continuation - the first measurement of time
Begin the cycle new
Exposed- the light of other dimensions
Time is renewed.
Successful division of a single atom
...and so i see mans' prophecies were all lies,
Arrogantly he had lied to himself,
The ancient powers reclaim the earth
Ascending, i look down upon what use to be my body
...and i see jupiter... as it bleeds from my eye

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