Heat Of The Night

Dee D. Jackson

Heat of the night
A face at the window tries to see
A shining light
I'm calling your name out
Can you hear me

Oh oh oh

I got a feeling
It's coming on strong
Don't let the devil
Take another one

Why did it start this nightmare
That takes my breath away
Breaking my heart
I'm twisting and turning
The things you say

Oh oh oh

This heavy feeling
its holding me tight
I hear my heart beat
In the heat of the night

Don't give it up
Feel it in your heart
You'll find it over
Before you start
Don't give it up
Feel It deep inside
You've got to get
On the rocking ride
This devil love that
Eats my heart out
It's hitting hard on my soul
You play with fire
Your gonna get burnt
Got to keep the rythm
To light up my fire

When I'm alone
And my mind wanders
Into strange and dark corners
It's frightning to think
How easily one can lose control

Tonight's the night
The tears that I cry
Will wipe me clean
The timing is right
I'll wake up to find
That it's all a dream

Oh oh oh...
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