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    Def Squad - Ain't Shhh to Discuss

  2. 2

    Def Squad - Breaker 1, Breaker 2

  3. 3

    Def Squad - Can You Dig It?

  4. 4

    Def Squad - Can't Stop

  5. 5

    Def Squad - Check N' Me Out

  6. 6

    Def Squad - Countdown

  7. 7

    Def Squad - Def Squad Delite/Rapper's Delite

  8. 8

    Def Squad - Don't Get Gassed

  9. 9

    Def Squad - Fat Gold Chain

  10. 10

    Def Squad - Focus

  11. 11

    Def Squad - Full Cooperation

  12. 12

    Def Squad - Get da Money

  13. 13

    Def Squad - Hostility

  14. 14

    Def Squad - I do 'Em

  15. 15

    Def Squad - No Guest List

  16. 16

    Def Squad - Rapper's Delight

  17. 17

    Def Squad - Rhymin Wit Biz

  18. 18

    Def Squad - Ride Wit Us

  19. 19

    Def Squad - Say Word

  20. 20

    Def Squad - So Sweet

  21. 21

    Def Squad - The Game

  22. 22

    Def Squad - Vangundy (feat. Big Him/ Sy Scott/ Nolan Epps/bo & Ruck/billy)

  23. 23

    Def Squad - Y Not

  24. 24

    Def Squad - Y'all Niggas Ain't Ready

  25. 25

    Def Squad - You Do I Do

Ain't Shhh to Discuss

Def Squad

* Erick Sermon (of EPMD)

Hungry niggas
Lil' Noah
E Double

With the
[Name] City Cartel, nigga

Starve in the hood, what

[ VERSE 1: Teflon Da Don ]
I was well respected in the streets with no watch
Youngest nigga in Tallahassee with a coke spot
Used to chill at the dorm where the hoes blow cock
Had the fairly new classical Bally's with no socks
Homicide know the face, I'm makin 60 a bird
He earnin a third, Roy Black on the case
Blow and base and a few pounds of pot
Will have you found with a few rounds around your cock
Around the clock I'm breakin down dimes of rock
Tryin to grind my block - once I find a block
My soldiers (line em up)
Who oppose (tyin em up)
Calicos (fine em up)
I'm supplyin the sights, I'm climbin slight
This a New Edition without Ronny, Bobby, Ricky and Mike
Who got the Sticky Delite?
You dyin quickly tonight
Force fare the stick of dynamite
Give up the China White

If you got it, you got it, it ain't shit to discuss
I ain't move any units, I'm shippin the dust
I ain't move any unit, empty a clip in your nuts
We move as a unit (bitch) ain't shit to discuss (2x)

[ VERSE 2: Noah ]
We the Isley Brothers of rap smugglin crack
Potatos, muffle the Mac, I don't wet you
The first go round I'm doublin back
(Who fuckin with that?)
Pull a plug on your cats
Put the snub to your hat
(What else, Noah?) I keep it real, y'all juggle with facts
(What else, Noah?) I keep the steel, y'all scuffle with cats
(What else, Noah?) Stayed in court, raised on house arrest
Shower your vest, cap boy, but bag powder the best
Clap and lay cowards to rest
My bottle was filled with milk, regardless if it was sour or fresh
I was raised in hell, blaze a l
This for my brother doin sets of 20 caged in a cell


[ VERSE 3: Erick Onasis ]
Yo, E and G hoppin through with Teflon & Noah
We all iced out, took the rocks from Boa
Yo, it was easy, Gillie up in Philly
Caught em at the top of the stairs with Biggie's Mac Milli
E, I'm a wolf, funny eyes and all
Dark-skinned complexion, stand six feet tall
So who wanna brawl? I'm the rappin Feebo
Knock you the fuck out over a bicycle
Yo G (Wassup?) Let em know how I do
I smack you the fuck up, and your girlfriend too
So while you're playa-hatin I'm navigatin
20-inch skatin, Eightball in the back on Daytons
Yo, I'm the shit, huh? You on my dick, huh?
You want my bitch, huh? Click-click now
Uh, I'm 'hip-hop's biggest fan'
Come through like a airplane when it land


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