You need to get out of this house.
I'll walk you down to town.
We'll go act our age, kick rocks, waste summer days.
Penny candy at the general store,
I'd buy us a pop if I had more.
Keep walking inland all day, spitting and cursing each other's name.
"Ain't this what brothers are supposed to do?"
The blood between us, makes it all but true.

So we roll on through past the quarries and sandpits too.
Swim out among the rocks and cliffs, ignorant youth keeps us from death.
Find our way out to the tracks.
The sun, it beats down on our backs.
Heaven help us if there's a train, dodge it like the beaches of Normandy.
We saw that smoke rising over trees and I swore that train was out for me.
So I held him tight and felt those tracks rumble underneath.
He swore if I didn't let go he would knock me off my feet, and that's what he did.
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