Memory Loss

Deltron 3030

You try to get over your gonna go under
You try to get over your gonna go under

Literaly it's 3030, I don't got time to be wasting time on you, slow pokes
I want ya all to, get open, like the ocean
Brothers be buggin like: He's from Oakland?
What? I'll whoop you insinuatin we ain't capable
Stupid ass niggas is gonna rape a hoe a few out a thousand
My town is foundin fathers of the black panthers we provide answers
You don't wanna believe then ya all are some blind bastards
They got you set up real good your neuralizing
Industry rising while energies reclining
Niggas think I'm whinin but I really don't give a shit
Cuz everybodys dyin but ya all think thats the end of it
Thats why it's so easy to be a Benedict
Or imitate cuz they wouldn't teach ya algebra when you was eight
Now you forniate and you hate children
Forgot where you came from now, your straight illin
Don't fight the feelin
You better deal with it

It don't matter what you do or say try to get away, but I'm gonna catch ya
Wanna compare your self to them, well, guess what, homeboy, you don't match up
I'm my own individual so I know it isn't true just cuz you say it is
Cuz anything that's truth got proof it ain't you
That's simply just the way it is

Lookin up the sky is red
City's burning up over head (flame on baby)
We can make the best of it (rock that)
In this post apocolypse (right on)

I'm on some real shit
So real brothers feel this
Cuz we know reality is crazy
Thats why nothin amaze me
Look in the past
You might have to go farther then the book in your class
My niggas cookin some crack and moms gets the first hit
Thats ok with you? thats ok with me
I'm not here to judge the way you be
I got my own ccomplications the governmen't shoeless rations
Plantations is manlabor for five bucks for hourly intervels
I get a G for that
So believe what I spit to you is given back
Don't think that I'm livin that dream
When the IRS reposes most of your cream
Its like I dream when I lye I wake up
I see all the people I disrespected and try to make up
It's praise to the creator
Relate to nature
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