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Miracle To Me

Denver And The Mile High Orchestra

Toss a penny in the water
Wish upon a star
Search the ends of the earth
You'll never find
Love's anointing straight from heaven
Sealed in a prayer
Everything that binds your heart with mine.

Tender grace lead us here
No better place to be.
In your arms, with your love
I find the other half of me

I've dreamed of this day,
Of this hour
My soul's longed a life-time to see
The face of my bride, my desire,
The one I'd die for
Who makes me complete
And now you stand before me today
And with all my heart I say
That you are God's miracle to me

I just tremble dreaming of you,
God's gift to me
Knowing deep within my soul
I marry my friend.
This to you I vow and promise
All of my life
With a love only God can send.
You have stolen my heart
With a glance of your eyes
And now with all that I am
Is forever by your side


This moment so dear
For all the world to hear
I'll sing of this union, divine
God looked forward to the day
To bring this miracle my way.
He rejoiced of our love,
Since the beginning of time.
More than any song,
More than any dream,
More than all I am,
More than anything.
You're God's miracle,
Miracle to me.
You are God's miracle,
Miracle to me.
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