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One Time Show

Denver And The Mile High Orchestra

Step Right Up
Step Right In
The Show's about to begin
You'll laugh
You'll cry
You might watch it all fly right by
You'll never guess who the star will be
Come in, Come on, Let's see....

As the Music
Starts to play
The spotlight shines your way.
Every eye
Turns to you
To see what you're gonna do..
Will you scream and shout?
This crowds sold out!
Come on, Tell me what your show's about?


One Time
One Big Break
One Dream
One Leap a' Faith
One Shot to give it all you got!
One Life
One Big chance
One Love
One Last Dance
It's One go 'round
So tell me do you wanna give it a go?
Get Ready! (Get Ready!)
For the One TIme Show

Verse 2:

Every Soul
Sings a song
the audience sings along

My voice
of God's grace
Is Singing on every face

Till the break of dawn
Or Till I'm long gone
This show must go on!

Act one, act two-
Before you know it, the show is through
Right Here, Right now
Make your mark and take a bow.

It's a one time show
and I've gotta know...
Do you Get the standing "O"?
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