If You Run

Desert Sessions


Hey, now, everybody crowd 'round
Something you should know
Fast break, always a mistake when you got nowhere to go
You can lie for the honey, lie for the wealth
You can lie to each other but you better never lie to yourself

No sign of any second mind
What she had, she gave
Red hand with another man
There is no one here to save
She started out like most of them
Heart full of dreams, a head full of nothing

If you run, you better have a place to go
If you run, ooh
Run, run, run, run, run
Run, run, run, run, run

Hang tight, she running through the moonlight
Waiting on her charms
Deep scars fading in the stars
Fading in each other's arms
He took her down to his hiding place
All he's bringing back is dust on his face

Stone's throw, tapping at the window
Fools with no plans
Slow wind, broken by design
Be good or be goddamned
You think you left it all behind?
You're choking on the weeds, you're strung out on the vine

If you run, you better have a place to go

New age, burning of a page
A brand new dream to sell
Ain't far from who you really are
And it's just as well
You lie for the honey, you lie for the wealth
You lie to each other, ain't gonna lie to myself

If you run, if you run
If you run, you gotta have a place to go
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