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Satanic Speed Metal

Destroyer 666

Gather round me all my friends
We'll raise the banner raise some hell
Gettin' boozed up to fight the fight
We won't stop 'til we see the light

I saw the satanic plague
spread around the world
I was born to invert the cross
and scorn the name of jesus christ
Yes I was!!

Satanic Speed Metal!
Satanic Speed Metal!
I fuckin want it!
Satanic Speed Metal!
I fuckin need it!
Satanic Speed Metal!

The years have passed, I'm so much older
A little wilder, a little colder
Whiskey, metal, leather, sex
Traditions upheld these years to the next

I saw the satanic plague
Spread around the world
Cruisin at a thousand miles per hour
Feel the rush of the SS metal power
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