Blazing Star


The glowing clouds the diamond’s birth
The spiral cluster descends to earth
The nebulas conspire to bring
The signifier and the deth of a king

I’m a man with a tortured sight
I fear this dream will end tonight
The water beasts continue singing
We try to wake but we’re not dreaming

I’m gonna find you
I’m running out of time
I gotta play this part
this is my lot in life
With this power I am endowed
The end is coming so bring it on now

Oh the keeper wields his scythe
Oh you gotta kiss this life goodbye
There is another place beyond we’ll meet in time
And i will greet you all in the next life yeah

The blazing star it burns so bright
The darkened power the dethly light
Bring it on now this is our time
We’re the new regime together we’ll fight
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