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For too long i played it safe.
Did everything that you wanted me to do for you.
I held my tongue and closed my eyes,
Did everything that a good boy is supposed to do but i:
In the blur of right and wrong i found a voice that describes it the best.
Mightier than one thousand swords it calms the storm it creates and reshapes my face.
My disclaimer.
To say what i want i need to find a word that doesn't exist.
I can be a master or a slave,
Wear one thousand different faces you'd never resist.
Tell me to say what i want to and then you pin it on me.
Expected to pay for what i can't do.
Then you tell me it's free but that i'll never be.
Maybe i made a mistake saying everything i wanted to.
You've got your finger pointed straight at me.
I hop you hear these words because i'm talking to you,
And i wasted my time, my breath, and everything that i gave to you.
Freedoms fulfilled take their toll.
Show me the one and only word that describes you,
You're quick to judge;
I'm serving my sentence.
Every word i write is evidence.
Forgive me for my honesty.
I can't learn to choke on these words and i won't,
Then you pin it on me.
Disclaimer. i'll say what i want
Complaint, you add your name to the list.
If i can find the words you will,
I've got nothing to hide and no one to impress.
I can't learn to choke on these words and i won't.
So you can pin it on me
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