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I'm Not Dreaming Of You


Theres a feeling within
Getting under my skin
My plane just hit the ground
Full tilt against the wall
Of all the things I would ever do
I only regret the fact
That I ever put my trust in you

I can't go on denying
A part of me is dying
Whenever I'm in you
Is it me is it you
1 can't go on pretending
This is how were ending
I stopped dreaming of you
And the things we mould do

Like a thorn in the side
A distortion of life
No way, can't take another day
Every storm you create
Every feeling I fake
Wake up my truth became a slut
How hard you try no matter what you do
In the end my dear
Your love won't never be enough for two

This is how were ending
I'm not dreaming of you
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