Let's Make This Precious

Dexy's Midnight Runners

Pure, this must be, it has to be
Pure, let's make this pure
(Do you mean it?) Yes I do
(Then let's sing it) Certainly, but
First bare your hearts and cleanse your souls
(And then?) Let's try and make this precious, like this
Let's make this precious
We're striving over here
(Ever nearer?) I think so
(Visions clearer) of course, of course
But still we must forsake all to win
(All temptation?) everything (for salvation?) now you're talking
Then let this apply to all we do
(And then?) Our striving will guide us
And somehow I think that we'll win
Let's make this precious
First let's hear somebody sing me a record
That cries pure and true
No not those guitars. They're too noisy and crude
The kind that convinces refuses to leave
There's no need to turn it up
If it's pure I'll feel it from here
Let's make this precious, (I think we probably will)
Let's make this precious, (I think we probably will)
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