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I do remember the torrid wind in our lonely cell
Sometimes it feels like yesterday,
sometimes more than a million years
Oh, I close my eyes but I know that
it won't make those memories go away

I try not to remember the things
... I cannot forget

My grave is deeper than guilt
I was the master of labyrinth
as only the Gods once knew
Then I had the world
but now i've got no one

Mmmm... We followed the wind to new horizons
We spread our wings when the darkness
was fading into the light

We had no choice but
to come home to the unknown
If I had a way of knowing that
you were heading for a fall

Born to die, Icaros, my only son
Led by my desire for the open sky
Born to die, Icaros, my only son
I have erased my precious art
with the stroke of the sun
Now your name is written in stars
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