Moon Love

Die Antwoord

Mommy, my heart is broken
Because my daddy might fix it!
Yeah, I'll fix it, come here

Mommy can you move away?
Come lie in your space, I'll tell her to go fix it
I'll fix it, lie in the space here
But mommy, can't have a space for me here

She's just dreaming
She's dreaming
Let me make a space, yeah?
Heh, sorry

No problem, just tell me what's the problem
Is your heart, is your heart
How does it feels?
What's wrong with it?
Is your heart broken?
Okay I'll fix it

Fix it like this, do that
Just give me one truck
I just love you so much
I can't get a tuck because my heart is broken
I'll fix it

My heart is fixed!
Mommy, my heart is fixed!
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