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Burn My Hand


It's you I'd follow
To ease my sorrow
But ou took your life
Away along with mine

I feel it in my spine
The urge to know why
Did you bleed through wounds
That could never mend?

Burn my hand
Tear me down
So all my fears
Can hit the ground

The trace I take after
Could no longer matter
As you teach me not to see
Not to cry, not to say goodbye

I keep you inside
You know, there's no spite
I simply wish you could make me
Understand somehow
Does It make any sense now?

Burn my hand
Tear me down
So all I fear
Can hit the ground
When my hand reaches for the gun again

I feel it in my spine
The need to stay awhile
Just turn my back
Draw all these things out of my head
And care for the ones who stayed

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