Made You Look

Diggy Simmons

Yeah, it’s been debated and contemplated if diggy’s overrated
But what the haters have stated never penetrated
I’m so creative and innovative and i stay motivated by the concept of famous
And i ain’t even made it
The flow i cater is something major an indicator of what happens later
It’s greater than you’ve anticipated
Some people love it they way i does it
Thats why i leave them buzzing cause they callin me sick sometin like robitussin
I hear you coughing i treat you often with freestyle
And as i’m walking the people talking they see now
And i know rap for my age like lil bow wow
Son of a king so why would i ever bow down
Young lyricist uh, n-gga be killing it
You hearing it the words out of my mouth fresher than spearmint
Its no experiment, independent appearances the way that i’m appearing
I did it without my parents but i’m still god-fearing
Filled with the holy spirit so i fly like an angel and none of y’all even near it
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Like is just like a whip and i’m old enough to be steering
And now i’m born in queens so nas gave me the clearance

Flow stoopid
I made you look
Y’all are slaves to a page in my macbook
They didn’t know i could rap
I had them all shook
Yeah i’m a fashion n-gga here’s a new look

Yeah i got em looking so pardon me as i check my fresh
(?) and end up truly blessed
They hearing guesses about the ventures i’m doing next
(?) just trying to be the best dressed
Well i’m just aiming to be the greatest and nothing less
Entertaining stadiums, radio’s as i progress
On my whole tribe on the quest to be the best
So i came in the whole q in the tip livin with no regrets
No stressin’ is evidence of my confidence
Cutting down arrogance but still being monstrous
Part of the problem is it’s all about the politics
And most of what they posting on the blogs ain’t as hot as this

Bet you didn’t know diggy could rap. he’s like a younger cory gunz. so which record label is going to sign him first?
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