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Take On the World

Dirty Loops

Come with me
Let a spark ignite
We could chase the stars
Til' the morning light
Hear the call
The rhythm of a last crusade
In the key of life
Just waiting to be played

Pre-put your feelings in reverse
Explore the magic one more time
It's enchanted universe
Will always be mine
Hey don't you know that we're invincible
When the music is coming back

There's no stopping light
No wrong or right
And it's here to take on the world tonight
Hey don't you know that we're unstoppable
When the beat is in your soul
There's no need to fight
No wrong or right
And it's here to take the world tonight

Clear the dark
Try to break the spell
You can free your heart
Find it in yourself
Make some room
And listen to the human voice
That was pushed aside
Now cutting trough the noise

Pre-across the filed you'll hear the drums
No false alarm
You know what comes
Destined to lift you and I
Higher than yesterday's cry
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