Message Without Hope

Divine Sins

After a long day
I look at her picture as if I touched her pale face
And kiss it, as if I were with her
When I close my eyes
Diving in that world of dreams
I remember the happy moments, which I never thought they would finish

Let them die, let them kill
I can't look back anymore
Scribbled letters, by fear and reality
Leave a message without hope

Don't worry about me, cause I won't come back home
I would like to be there, lay down on her bed,
Warmed up by this love,
They aren't who I want
That isn't what I want

When I wake up I see myself dead,
Without her, without anybody
Carrying a big burden, heavier than I could stand
Among cries and blood, I can't see it anymore,

The message without hope says
I won't come back home...
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