High in the sky, I see you falling Why do you think that I will catch you? Past the clouds a burning fire Hear it sing like a choir You gave much more than you should have My first words are your last rites Deep within my vacant mind Sits the thought, "Maybe there is hope..." Rays of light pour from my eyes and Baptize all that lay beneath me Everything that I have gained is Nothing next to all I've lost I surrender to the blackness Hoping, praying for acceptance Deep within my vacant mind Sits the thought, "Maybe there is hope..." No sins, yet forsaken When will I awaken... This truth I won't swallow: I have become hollow I'll wait for tomorrow Where there is no sorrow I see a light in the darkness I weep as that light goes out Neverending pain Driving me insane No more, I can't take it Silent cries Bloodshot eyes I'll defy you til I fall Final living breath Welcomed into death Mercy please, I'll beg for mercy Now alone On my own All I wanted was salvation Lost and staring at the ground I Realize: "I am nothing" Tears are streaming down my face and Seeping deep into my wounds I am beaten, I am battered Dripping blood, my wings are tattered Broken, I fall to my knees and Cry to the sky, "Heaven, take me home"

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