Feel It (feat. T-Pain, Sean Paul, Pitbull

DJ Felli Fel

[DJ Felli Fel]
Hey! Won't you yank on some of this Cali?
Sip on some of this Platinum?
If you want some of daddy
All you gotta do is ask for some
I'm pimpin' up on your booty, shawty
Please don't try to move me, shawty
I'm trying to be the life of the party
Shawty, shawty

Can you feel it? I wanna know!
Can you feel it? I wanna know!
Can you feel it? I wanna know!
Can you feel it? I wanna know!
Can you feel it?

[Sean Paul]
Gal, me a know you a top class
A go an shake that fat ass, gimme the wind and stop fast
Me a da top boss, come gimme that quick cast
The whole night and I stop floss
Inna the tight charts
Me wan a touching all the right parts
Make ya get twight ass
See your body from afar, just like a night hawk
My girl a fi in NASCAR
I got that good love for you
That a me wan tell you from the first time I see you
Run with the boy, then a jus' now I gi' you
With trife coming now see ya sitting well tight
And ya know see me just now credit
All night long me a wet it and set it
I'll be the man that giving it to you
All night gal know by the gate men a fight


Sean Paul, Felli, Pit, T-Pain
Mami over there off the chain
Ass gorgeous, lips insane
Hips like boom and a ass like bang
One time for them boys on the block
All pushing that ying and that yang, you know
That D, that rock, that cane
Aww, yeah mane!
Now she moving like she can't stop
She can be from Thailand that way the she bang cock
I'm telling, your mami do anything
And she throwing it back like a b-b-boomerang
I went a little bit below her belly ring
Like a belly ring, badabing, hm, badaboom
Now dim the lights down in the room
While I slide in you like, ooh can you feel it?


Can you feel it baby? This the breakdown (Feel it)
DJ Felli Fel I'ma make ya shake now (Can you feel it?)
Can you feel it baby? This the breakdown (Feel it)
DJ Felli I'm so so (Can you feel it?)

[Flo Rida]
Hey! Lil' mama Cali, get married
Cr-crack up, try to get to know daddy
West coast for me baby, start that fatty
Let it go below your waist like you at Bally's
This Total Fitness, can you feel it?
Break it up or yeah you will get the business
Lil' mama asking, I'm writing your wishes
I got it bad I'm addicted to thickness
I'm trying to be your connect, fool 'round might get you wet
Like when you turn on the jets, hello I'm in to caress
Look there's a spot on your neck, for sure your bottom is next
Just know I'm all on ya chest, I know I'm making ya sweat
She trippin', shawty look at my set
We tippin', I know you gotta collect
Keep dippin', pop up my collar, the best
We limpin', the money flippin'


(Can you feel it?!)
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