Not Your Average Joe (feat. Fat Joe, Joe Budden & Joe)

DJ Kayslay

[Intro: Joe Budden] (Fat Joe)
Okay Slay, you called in the right niggaz man
Yeah, JUMP OFF! (Yeah uhh, KaySlizzy)
Joey Crack, I see you out there in the B-X baby!
(Cook coke crack)
[Chorus: Joe]
Sweat is our cologne we grindin
House-landin homes we ballin
Duece to the game we payed 'em
Hits for y'all the same we bring 'em
Oh my, look what we got
Three boss players chillin in one spot
It's Joe and then we got Joe and then we got Joe
and then - it's whoa-ohhhh-ohhhh
[Fat Joe]
Yeah, uhh, yo, uhh
I gotta be "The Flyest" like my homie from Q-B
Niggaz know the Don be the sickest with jewelry
Niggaz seen the TS piece, and got they weight up
Do you see the size of this charm, Mr. Jacob
Nigga get your cake up, wanna get bling'd out
Whether sky-blue or chinchill, I'm minked out
Down in Miami, bitches say they love me
Niggaz gettin mad cause the bitches wanna fuck me
Always lend an ear when they man ain't listenin
Put somethin mean in they ear to glisten
Put 'em in the kitchen, let 'em get they bake on
Love it how your ass fallin out of the apron
We be makin love on the side of the road
in the back of the Maybach, the curtain is closed
You know how it go, we be laid back puffin the dro
Then it's back to the crib down on Coconut Grove
Youuuu know
[Joe Budden]
Okay, hold up baby sweetie, lady darling
It's the, way you treat me; wait nah
It's the way I tap that last, she callin me pat that back
Ah dios mios when I smack that ass
It's that, pimped out demeanor
She pimped out with Senior, it's the good limp with the Nina
How I spit the 'caine game like I came from Yale
How the cops ca
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