Just a moment in the lost time-space
so far in intense and liquid floods places of colours and smells.
We slip toward the stars of the wagon up to reach Antares and Vegas
We double Oberon and Fobos to reach Jupiter where we can see the earth in a
right bigness measure
Then we get back on the earth, to beach made red by the sunset of a perfect day
And seeing you is beautiful, lit up by the stars what as reflectors
The night was our road which was leading toward the nothing
our generation has finished in the big nothing.
here we are , passing of fashion as shoes,
We were dying slow toward the Morrison hotel, while the old was offending
We were marching toward our destiny of acid Zombies, but in our minds we have seen
all the colours that no one can see
The sound of the empty words resounds as riverber in a dead room, the generation
of the peace, the degeneration of the acid peace
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