Mr Sun

Don Carlos

Wooo oh yaa
Woo oh oh oh ya aight ya

Got woke this morning by Mr. Sun
Shining through my window
I said: (h) ello Sun
Said: (h) ello Sun


I was so glad to see the sun come shining through
I jumped out my bed
I've got a lot of things to do

I can't waist time
Time is so precious to me

If I waste time, I'll be right behind the line
And who to tell? I might even lose my mind, lose my mind, yes, lose my mind

Give thanks to you Mr. Sun, you've kept me away
I was so lovely didn't even no (not sure)
So give thanks to you Mr. Sun, give thanks to you
Mr. Sun, oh no, oh doo ay whoo oh, mr. Sun, who oh oh Mr. Sun
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