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Crazy Eyes

Don McLean

(Verse 1)
I could have loved her, but she would change her mind.
I couldn't leave her 'cause when her sweet face shined
I could believe in all her dreams and lies
But I could not leave those crazy eyes.

(Verse 2)
Her clothes just suit her, there's no one cuter
But watch your step 'cause she's a real straight shooter.
She's got a string of broken hearted guys
That just could not leave those crazy eyes.

Now you hear about all those guys that hang around in bars
Weepin' and moanin' about the gal that got away.Â
Moanin' the blues to soft guitars.Â
Wonderin' what time the bars gonna close and
How much longer in their lives they're gonna have to pay.

(Verse 3)
Cause someone smacks you with a thousand highs
and just attracts you, hardly even tries
That's why I know I won the sweetest prize
When I found love in those crazy eyes.

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