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No Miracle


well its no miracle but its a shame
you screwed yourself and defiled your name
explain to me what your fighting for
this dreampt up passion you cannot ignore

why do you insist on playing these games
i swear that your mouth does not connect to your brain
i thought you were down, thought you were my friend
you had my support but chose to bicker instead
theres no real fight in you
everything that you think that you stand for is fake
i wont stand side by side with you
its sad to see you as an object of my hate

you have no reason to speak my name
no explanation for things you say
no sense of hardship within your days
you dont know what its like to live real life my way

as for this growing hatred inside
you look my way and you ask me WHY? WHY?
the only thing that comes to mind is in your own 5 words..."i hope you fucking die" DIE!

"i hope you fucking die"
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