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Joke's On You


Multinational disinformation
A corporate celebration
Watch the x-files on TV
A conspiracy of conspiracies

Joke’s on you
Joke’s on you

Claimed distrust of big business
Couch potatoes thoughts suppressed
Sat in comfort on murdoch’s knee
The state of conformity

Joke’s on you
Joke’s on you

Conspiracy buffs aren’t assertive
If they think the x-files is subversive
Conglomerate support for the right wing
Viewers don’t suspect a thing

Joke’s on you
Joke’s on you

(While the x-files is supposedly aimed at those who have jumped on the ‘conspiracy’ bandwagon
The show is owned by the fox network (part of the news international corporation)
A massive right wing multinational which is in the pocket of rupert murdoch’s somewhat oversized trousers!
Those who believe that the x-files to be truth is the equivalent of buying a veggie burger from mcdonalds
The truth is not out there, it’s under your fucking nose)
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