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    Rob Dougan - Left Me For Dead

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    Rob Dougan - Born Yesterday

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    Rob Dougan - Drinking Song

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    Rob Dougan - Furious Angels

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    Rob Dougan - I'm Not Driving Anymore

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    Rob Dougan - Nothing At All

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    Rob Dougan - One And The Same

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    Rob Dougan - Speed Me Towards Death

  9. 9

    Rob Dougan - There's Only Me

Left Me For Dead

Rob Dougan

You didn't stop to look round
You were gone before I hit the ground
You went on you're way
And no prayer was said
You left me for dead
You didn't cover my face
I didn't merit a communal grave
You set me aside
And no tears were shed
You left me for dead
And I say I won't stop no 'til hell is your home
There's no where to hide (no nowhere)
You'll feel the cold of my gun at you're head
Ah you left me for dead
And it's not like you stayed by my side or you called me a priest

You searched through my mouth to check for gold teeth
You were pawning my shoes as I bled

You left me for, left me for, left me, for

You kept on taking your time
Until it was certain I couldn't survive
Judas remained, you turned and fled
You left me for dead
And it didn't trouble your mind
It did not disturb you to see me decline
You turned out my lights
You put me to bed
You left me for dead
(And I say) that I won't rest my head until hell is your home
You'll think that you're safe but oh no
You'll feel the cold of my gun hit your head
Ah, you left me for dead
And you didn't stay close to me didn't stay by my side
I was choking in blood as delight filled your eyes
You're gonna burn for each word that you said
'Cause you
Left me for, left me for, left me me for
But I don't want to search no more
There's nowhere to hide
So why don't you come quietly my love
I wanted to say, to say that you sure proved the death of me
Now I've reached a dead end, and I can't go back
But if I'm going down you'll come with me

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