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Who You Gonna Call?

Dr. Acula

Looks like we did it again. up in the building now the party begins. i said
It's goin' down. it's starting to kick in, we're bringing sleazy back. we'll
Make it fun to sin. yeah and it's finally here. so, fuck a century let's start
With a year. i said its goin' down. it's starting to kick in. we're bringing
Sketchy back. we make it fun to sin. i, i know. i know you know. i know you
Know what time it is and i know it's stored in your phone. you got the number
But you still won't make the call. don't be shy, ain't no reason to stall and
Tell me, who you gonna call. who you gonna call? we got it all, yeah, we got
What you need. got something potent that will bring you to your knees, to your
Knees. bow your heads to your king. bow your heads to your kings. looks like we
Did it again. we leave the building, now the party must end. and that's how it
Went down. and as we start to come down, we're bringing sketchy back. we made
It fun to sin, yeah, we're bringing sketchy back. so, tell me who you gonna
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