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Far from Heaven... Close to Hell


We see a new horizon beyond our imagination
In another world we walk in the shade
The clamor of many deaths is spread in the wind
The time of the oath begins

Through stone and fire we march... to the death
Here lies the coldness and the impurity
In the hall of the evil king
Now we feel the cold touch of death

Make a promise to yourself
Heal me and hear my cry (hear my cry)
Make a promise to the soldiers of the night
If you still believe

Far from heaven... Close to hell
When the story ends
We can break the spell

We saw this dark horizon
We felt this chaos and pain
In this wicked world
We walked in the shadows

The clamor of many deaths
Is spread in the air
The sulfur smell of the dead

With power and courage
We march. We stand
The faith of our soldiers
To overcome the death

In the halt of the evil king
Now we feel the cold touch of death
Voices call the Alliance back to home
If the will to fight dies there's no hope
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