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The Vow


When the lights do fade
It dawns on me
There will be no aid
No chance to flee

I'm calling all the angels
To guide me through these days

Somewhere east of eden
Live turned into a maze

Now slaves turned into masters
Make me rush from coast to coast

There used to be a love song
Where hate now plays the host

Now who's gonna turn the page
Now who's gonna make it heal
Now who's gonna stop this rage
Come tell me 'bout the secrets, you conceal

Theres no way out of here
No way to run from a final frontier
You know we took this vow
Don't turn away it's far too late now

We've got to go all the way
Whatever we'd like to do
We need to stay, stay

And know that it ain't easy
To leave these ways behind
To carry some more burden
The curse upon our kind
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