Your Sister's Boyfriend


Hey, can you come over here for a minute
I wanna talk to you in private cause
What I'm gonna say may sound a little crazy
And whatever you do you can't tell nobody
I mean specially her, this needs to stay between me
and you

I've been watching you,
And I see the situation that you're going through
I know (I know baby)
I know we're not so close, the reason that brought us
Is the same thing keeping us apart
And I know its wrong
But some many things in life happen for a reason we
don't understand
And I got this vibe
That every time our eyes have meet why does it seem
we're thinking
The exact same thing
Oh how I wish that, we would' ve met before
Me and her started going out
And I know that you got you man and the truth
He ain't no good to you I don't know what to do (no,
no, no)

Cause I'm you sisters boyfriend
But I'm in love with you
I never felt this way no
And I'm so confused
Cause I'm you sisters boyfriend
What are we gonna do
Cause every time that I'm with her
All I'm wishing it was you

This getting crazy
And I'm getting kind of scared
This is the point that I just wont control myself
And baby you isn't helping
It's like a mental picture in my mind
Of every time I got a sign from you
Like the time in the beach house chilling by the pool
And the other nights when we all went to dinner too
Baby it was something that we didn't plan
It was destiny that just took the stand
Tell me can we help it if we fell in love
Baby it isn't our fault even though it's tough
I got on the right road but I made a mistake
She was exit thirty and you were twenty-eight


Baby I can't live like this no more
And now we finally know that for sure
That I want you, oh, and you want me, yes
So lets get this trough do what we got to do


Baby would you be my girlfriend
I want to be boyfriend
Can I be your boyfriend girl?
Oh no
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